Raising the bar

Today’s post is a little different – in that the only part I’ll be writing are these few introductory paragraphs.

Robert Glazer writes an exceptional blog covering a wide range of leadership topics, and his most recent post High bar is one of his best. It’s a simple tale of setting standards and keeping them high – and his high-jump parable is a perfect visual expression of this.

Many times I’ve found myself lowering the standards I’ve set my team when they’ve been missed, only to be surprised when the same thing keeps happening. I’ve worked hard in the last few years trying to improve the way I engage with my teams to keep standards high, and then to aim even higher again. This post from Robert is a great reminder to keep striving. I hope you enjoy it.


Sweeping into 2021 with a short post – heaping praise on an exceptional blog by Robert Glazer. Hope you enjoy the read, and as always, we’d love to hear from you in the Comments below. When you’ve read the piece, drop us a note on which type of Leader you are, and particularly if you’ve got any tips on how to keep standards and accountability sky high!